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European driven mad by energy conservation!

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European driven mad by energy conservation: Germany lets the whole family take a bath together, only washing four parts! Britain can't turn on the heat, Italy can turn off the fire to cook spaghetti

This winter may be extremely difficult for European people!

Against the background that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has affected the energy supply and that inflation in all countries remains high, Europe is experiencing a serious energy crisis.

European households and businesses have faltered under the weight of soaring energy bills

At the end of September, the situation was even worse: the "Beixi Natural Gas Pipeline" project, which transports energy from Russia to Germany, exploded at the bottom of the Baltic Sea!

exploded at the bottom of the Baltic Sea!

Due to the serious damage, which is difficult to repair for a while, the hope of Europe to resume importing natural gas from Russia at a normal level in winter is dashed. As soon as the news came out, European natural gas prices rose by 12%.

As of October 3 local time, the Dutch TTF natural gas futures month contract has increased nearly 9 times from a year ago, soaring to 169.06 euros/MWh; The price of electricity in many countries has increased several times compared with previous years, reaching a historical high recently.

A Londoner complained: "At present, the electricity charge has tripled before April, the fuel charge has quadrupled, this winter there will be heating problems, and the food price is higher than before."

The data shows that the monthly and weekly electricity prices of European countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, reached a record high in August.

Although the price decreased in September, the people still felt overwhelmed!

The soaring energy bill has led to a sharp increase in the living expenses of European households. In order to enable people to have an "energy-saving winter", governments around the world have started to come up with their own tricks.

The current energy shortage is not only a current world problem, but also a crisis that we must face in the future. New energy has become our first goal, and we have the opportunity to install solar power generation systems for millions of families in the future

Germany: The whole family takes a bath together, and only four parts are enough!

In terms of bathing, Germany is the best at making strange moves.

As early as April this year, German Bild published an article on energy conservation and put forward a very wonderful energy-saving proposal.

The article suggests that, in order to reduce the dependence on Russian energy, people should take as few baths as possible. If they have to, they should wash their hips, armpits, feet and groins! Because these are the most smelly parts of the human body!

At that time, this suggestion was immediately ridiculed by the crowd!

In June this year, German Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Climate Protection Habak also expressed his views.

He said: "I will follow the advice of the government department. Now the time for taking a bath is much less than before." He further said: "I have never taken a bath for more than 5 minutes in my life. I take a bath very quickly."

However, his remarks not only did not work, but became a laughing stock of the public.

However, German politicians have gone further on the issue of bathing, such as giving advice to the public: if you want to further save electricity, suggest that the whole family can take a bath together!

Still think it costs electricity? Then listen to the suggestion of Kretschmann, the governor of Bavaria, Germany: use dry rubbing instead of bathing!

He said surprisingly: "People don't have to take a bath all the time. It's also a useful invention to know that the bath towel is also a useful invention."

France: Forced power off, only shower at night!

For the French who pay attention to the quality of life and personal image, they may have a hard time in the coming months.

Just now, the French state grid company Enedis announced that from October 15 this year to April 15 next year, it will realize the function of "cutting off your home water heater remotely at any time", making it impossible for everyone to take a bath during the day, but only at night if they want to take a bath!

However, not all French water heaters will be remotely controlled. Only some household users equipped with Linky meters will be controlled. However, according to the government's estimate, more than 5 million households will be restricted

From October 15, Enedis can forcibly cut off the power supply to the water heater remotely from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. every day;

That is to say, even if you set the electric water heater to be available during the day, it is useless. Enedis's "remote hand" can temporarily deprive everyone of the right to take a bath with electricity.

It is reported that this remote operation will save 2.5 GW of electricity at 12:30 p.m. and 1 GW at 1:00 p.m., which will save a large part in the current energy crisis

Switzerland: heating and direct sentencing:

Swiss media "Blick" reported on September 7 that Swiss people who adjust the air conditioning temperature to above 19 degrees this winter will face fines and up to three years in prison

The British Times recently reported that Simonetta Somaluga, the Swiss Minister of Energy and Communications, also proposed a similar proposal to Germany: a family should take a bath together to achieve energy conservation!

After this suggestion was laughed at by the public, she added that whether to take a bath together depends on the age of the child. After a certain age, it is "not appropriate for everyone" for the family to take a bath together.

Obviously, the public did not buy this explanation.

The editor of this country's women's magazine even wrote a satirical article, saying that why not appeal to Swiss people not to turn on the heater at night, and get up in the morning to warm up through X life?

Spain: Energy saving without tie!

In addition to Germany, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro S á nchez must not miss out on the novel ideas of energy conservation. This summer, he also contributed to reducing the use rate of air conditioners:

He urged public and private sector employees not to wear ties to save energy in hot weather.

"I have asked all ministers, government officials and private sector employees not to wear ties as much as possible, so that everyone can be saved."

Moreover, he really set an example! When he attended the press conference earlier, he did not wear a tie. He really did what he said