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145.6kw submersible solar water pump system in Saudi Arabia

namkoo solar

How to get power in the desert? Namkoo solar helps you solve the problem.


The deserts of Saudi Arabia are widespread, and it's very hard to reach the power. The local people can only use diesel generator in old time.

With the development of the solar water pump system, people start to use solar to replace the diesel in desert.


Mr. Turk wants to use water in the desert, but he doesn't want to use diesel as main power because it's too expensive. He needs a 110kw pump to keep his tank full all the time. The submersible solar pump head 300m flow 80m³/h. It's the biggest solar water pump system all around the world. If there is cloudy day, he needs the sun and the diesel supply power at the same time to make sure the water tank full all the time.

He needs a company can help him to handle everything like the solar panel bracket design, engineer installation and training. Which Namkoo solar can provide the one-stop service for solar water pump system installation.

Let's take a look at the on-site solar water pump project through video

Our structural department design the solar panel bracket according to the sun angle. And we send our submersible solar pump installation engineer to S.A for the installation and training. It takes them about 5 days to finish the job and teach local people how to use a maintain the system.


If you have any problem about the solar water pump system, please feel free to contact NAMKOO team.

solar water pump system in Saudi Arabia