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8kw grid tie solar power system in Indonesia for home used

namkoo solar

Nowadays Green energy and low-carbon life style become extreme popular, the same to Indonesia, new energy have a bright future there. Our client Mr.Andrew want to begin his owe business of solar, he want a grid tie solar power system for his house as an sample for testing.

how many solar panels

Mr. Andrew found Namkoo solar, so what is our advantage to make him finally choose us ?


Key: 1-Reasonable design; 2-Tire 1 brand product; 3-Good customer service.


Reasonable design

At first, Mr.Andrew do not know how many solar panels his rooftop can mount, also he can not provide a professional floor plan. As we know, the roof areas limited the number of solar panels, and decide how many electricity the station can generate.


Namkoo got Mr.Andrew‘s site on google map, base on the information that our engineer gave a rough layout design.

grid tie solar power system layout

In doing so help us gain believing from Mr.Andrew , we do have strong design ability. After the order had placed to us , we confirmed about more details of the roof top.


The wide and length of the purling. The distance between each purling, whether there is heat insolation, if yes , the thickness is ?


The size of each glaze tile. with all the specific data above , we give Mr.Andrew a structural. Mr. Andrew installed A total of 21pcs 2004×996x35mm 380w mono modules are deployed in this project, with a total capacity of 7.98kWp. And Wiring diagram for guidance.

grid tie solar power system project in indonesia

Namkoo helps Mr.Andrew to go through all process of purchasing solar system from China ,even to the installation part and after-sell service part ,we gave him guidance when he need. Our best design ability in Chinese supplier, grad A products , professional customer service help him own his own solar system, Mr.Andrew begin to receive some inquiry of solar system now.