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3000kw solar power system installation Africa for factory

namkoo solar

What would you do when you have a large space roof top?


Mr.Jacky has a factory, which is very large and consume large electricity bill. The factory runs day and night, as the industrial business growing very fast.


He plan to design 3000kw solar power system installation on his roof top, and inquiry us for the one-stop service. Namkoo team handle the design, electric, and installation part.


Here is the short drawing of the solar power system for facory.

solar power system design picture


And here is short information for the system:

  • more than 7000 pcs 470w mono solar panel for factory.

  • 18 sets solar energy inverter.

  • solar power system installation wihin 3 months.

  • step-up transformer.


470w mono solar panel


This solar power system will help Mr.Jacky save huge money for first year. And the solar panel for factory can run about 25 years.


It means in Foshan, this system will return cost in 3 years. From the 4th year, the project will start to help him earn money.


For this system, use solar power first, exceed power feed to the grid. When solar power not enough, grid power back up. Solar power and grid power exceed at the same time, make sure user can use stable power. And when the city grid fail, the solar power system stop running, to make sure isolation effect.


If you are interested in this solar system, contact us!