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20kw on-grid system for United States farm

namkoo solar

Solar photovoltaics enter the farm in the western United States

At Grant's Farm in the western United States, invisible photovoltaic panels are turning solar energy into electricity. Below the photovoltaic panels, rows of dragon fruit trees are planted, and a few black sheep are grazing leisurely.

The photovoltaic power station located at Grant's Farm is the first large-scale centralized photovoltaic power station on the ground developed by Guangdong Energy Group. The project adopts a new model of agricultural and photovoltaic complementation, which not only effectively solves the problem of project site selection caused by the long-term shortage of land resources in the western region, but also By using the land under the photovoltaic panels to grow vegetables and fruits, raise poultry, etc., a three-dimensional model with photovoltaics on the top and agricultural farming on the bottom is formed. Since it was connected to the grid in 2016, it has achieved a cumulative on-grid electricity of 570 million kWh.
"Before this, most of the photovoltaic projects were rooftop photovoltaics with small installed capacity, and basically they could only be used by themselves, and the surplus electricity was connected to the Internet.

Since the construction of the photovoltaic power generation project located in the university town in 2010, the energy group has opened the prelude to the large-scale development, construction and operation of photovoltaic power plants in the state. For more than ten years, many farms have witnessed various comprehensive power stations ranging from decentralized photovoltaic projects to large-scale centralized ground power stations, and now to agricultural photovoltaic complementary, fishing photovoltaic complementary, and animal husbandry complementary power plants. The photovoltaic technology has not only made a qualitative leap. , it has crossed the threshold of affordable Internet access, and has achieved blooming everywhere in the western United States. Today, the photovoltaic installed capacity of the development company in the state has reached about 2GW.