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100kw on grid solar energy system in the Philippines for factory building

namkoo solar

Can we use on grid solar energy system where the place can not sell solar power to the local power company?

The answer is yes.


In the Philippines, the electricity bill is very high, especially for the factory building. As the factory building work in daytime most of the year, we can use on grid solar energy system to reduce the electricity bill cost.

100kw on grid solar project in Philippines

There is a factory with more than 100kw machine capacity, the factory roof can put about 100kw solar panels after our structural engineer calculates. So they use 100kw grid tie solar system to save electricity bill cost.


We design 5 set 20kw system using good quality on grid solar inverter. And structural engineer send him the drawing for how to place the solar panels.


Because the wind is very strong in summer Philippines, sometimes there will be Typhoon, so the structural engineer made the drawing considering the wind, the rain, and the roof material and size. And the worker install the solar energ system according to the structural engineer drawing.

100kw on grid solar project design drawing

The benefits of grid tie solar system is saving around $20,000 electricity bill every year for the factory building. It helps him recall costs in 3 years, and start to use free power at the 4th year.


This on grid solar energy system can be used about 25 years, it means he can enjoy the free power from 4-25years. It will help him save a huge money.


If you want to know more about what is on grid solar energy system, please feel free to contact NAMKOO team.