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100kw on grid solar energy system project in Japan for factory

namkoo solar

In Japan, the electricity self-sufficiency rate is only 4%.


Unstable crude oil prices, scarcity of fossil fuels, dependence on a large number of overseas imports, and photochemical smog caused by the use of fossil fuels, the Japanese government strongly recommends users to use clean solar energy that can reduce environmental problems.


Due to the emergency demand for electricity, the Japanese government supports photovoltaic grid subsidies for users. Therefore, grid-connected solar systems are becoming more and more popular in neighboring countries such as Japan.

100KW on grid solar system

On this factory, according to the photos of the factory roof provided by the customer, our structural engineer designed a 100KW on grid solar system.


Japan's photovoltaic subsidy electricity price is very high, and the yield will even exceed 15%. The customer installed a 100KW on grid solar power system, which reduced the annual electricity cost by 80%. The cost of the system is expected to be recouped in the fourth year of use, and free electricity is achieved in the following years.

grid-connected solar systems

If want to learn more about the grid-connect solar power systems and how many power is suitable for you to use, feel free to contact NAMKOO team.