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200kw on grid solar project in Philippines shopping center

namkoo solar

Why are more and more customers choosing to use grid-connected solar systems?

200KW on grid

We have many case in about on-grid solar system, here is the 200kw on-grid solar power system one in Philippines for shipping center use.

200kw on grid

In Philippines the local electricity bill is quite expensive. The electricity bill is about 1.5 RMB per kwh. Electricity bills continue to rise, making local residents even more miserable.
The government agree personal, factory, office building install on grid solar power system, if the solar panels create excess electricity, will not give back the money to you, but you can used free power in daytime.

200kw on grid system

On this shopping center, will run more than 16 hours per day, the daily electricity consumption is about 650kwh - 700kwh. Our structural engineer and power engineer designed a 200KW on-grid solar system for use according to the electricity consumption and the area where the solar panels are placed. They use solar power system can help their to save 90% of electricity bills.

Almost 95% of users install on grid solar power systems to save electricity and earn money.
If you want to know more about this system, feel free to contact NAMKOO team.

on grid system