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100kw off grid solar energy system In Solomon Island for factory

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  1. When is an off-grid solar power system suitable to use?
  2. We recently received a request from a Solomon client who had a lumber mill in the suburbs and wanted to run it on a solar energy system.
  3. From the information provided by the customer we know :
  • In Solomon Islands the electricity prices is high.
  • High transportation cost of diesel power generation.
  • Insufficient government budget, poor infrastructure, and poor grid coverage in suburban areas.


On the factory, need run all electrical equipment during the day, and need electricity to run lights and other loads like the alarm system at night.

According to the electrical load listed by the customer's factory and the electricity consumption of the factory for a month, our solar energy system engineer designed a 100KW off-grid solar power system for the customer. Can be use about 24 hours per day.

The solar power structural engineer drew a schematic diagram of the placement of the solar panels according to the roof area picture provided by the customer.


After the goods had received and installed to used, the off-grid solar power system can make the customer's factory use stable electricity 24 hours a day and save electricity bills.


If you are interested in off grid solar energy system and want to know more information, feel free to contact NAMKOO team.

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