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The Eight Advantages Of High Efficient Half-Cell Solar Panels Technology

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Here is the eight advantages of high efficient half-cell solar panels technology:


In order to ensure that the overall output voltage and current of the half-cell solar panels and the conventional module are consistent, the half-cell solar panel generally adopts a series-parallel structure design, which is equivalent to two small panels connected in parallel.


In terms of process, the half cell module process is simpler, and since the number of cells is doubled, the time for battery series welding will also be doubled.


Half-cut solar panel VS full cell:

A: Less power loss on the half cell solar panel.

In the half-cell, the current through each busbar is reduced to 1/2 of the original, thus, the internal power loss of the half-cell is reduced to 1/4 of the full cell.

Half-Cut Solar Panel vs Full Cell


B: Less shadow occlusion loss on the half cell module.

Under the same occlusion situation, the shadow occlusion loss of the half cell is less than the shadow occlusion loss of the full cell.


Reducing shading loss half-piece modules, with their special parallel-series structure, can make the panel vertically arranged to improve support and land utilization while reducing power generation loss caused by shading.

Half Cell Solar Panel Shading


C: Half cell efficiency 3% higher than full cell.

High Efficiency Half Cell Solar Panels


D: Low working temperature on the half cell solar panel.

According to the R&D pv test system measured the operating temperature of the half-cell solar panel and the conventional solar module, the temperature of the half-cell solar panel is ~2 degrees celsius lower than that of the conventional solar panel.


Reduced temperature loss Due to the reduction of internal current and internal losses, the operating temperature of components and junction boxes is reduced, and the probability of hot spots and the risk of damage to the entire component is also greatly reduced.

Low-Temperature Half Cell


E: Half-cell solar panels advantage is 5% increase in output power.

Half-Cell Solar Panel Advantages