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South Controls News丨Energy Storage New Products Officially

namkoo solar

On January 20, South Control Power's new energy storage product SmartBase-001 was officially released, triggering widespread attention within and outside the industry. 


NAMKOO TEAM and participating clients take a group photo

The new energy storage products released this time not only have many advantages such as high efficiency, environmental protection and safety, but also are easy to install and maintain, and are suitable for a variety of environments and application scenarios.

In order to more intuitively show the advantages of the product, the conference adopted an innovative way of publicizing the whole network, through the online multi-platform webcasting way, to attract the attention of many overseas users, and successfully opened the door to the market in Asia, Africa and Latin America and other countries.

NAMKOO TEAM host is commenting

During the live broadcast, we analyzed the current energy storage market background and product application scenarios in detail, and introduced the performance characteristics and usage of SmartBase-001 in an all-round way. Viewers can not only see the live demonstration of the product through the live broadcast, but also understand the needs and suggestions of the local market through online interaction.


The engineer is explaining the highlights of product development

On the day of the live broadcast, the Overseas Energy Department of our company also invited two foreign friends from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Turkey to be guests in the live broadcast room, and conducted in-depth interviews on the local market prospects and product experience of the energy storage power supply from the perspective of users.


Foreign friends visiting Nankong Electric Power Live Room

Referring to the local power grid situation in the DRC, Friend A directly said, "The prevailing contradiction in the local area is the contradiction between people's increasing demand for electricity and the unbalanced and insufficient coverage of the power grid, and the addition of SmartBase-001 can effectively alleviate the problem of local power supply."
Another friend appreciated this new product of our company very much, claiming, "SmartBase-001 can realize valley power peak use, optimize the cost of household electricity in lighting, communication and other fields, and improve the energy independence of the family."


NAMKOO TEAM staff are explaining

In the future, South Control Power will continue to pay attention to the market dynamics of Asia, Africa and Latin America, based on the clean energy needs of local users, optimize the quality of products and services, and is committed to the realization of the global energy green, low-carbon and sustainable development.