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PWM Controller For Solar Generator Portable Power Station and Solar Panel
  • PWM Controller For Solar Generator Portable Power Station and Solar Panel
  • PWM Controller For Solar Generator Portable Power Station and Solar Panel
  • PWM Controller For Solar Generator Portable Power Station and Solar Panel

PWM Controller For Solar Generator Portable Power Station and Solar Panel

  • Rated charge current

  • Rated load current

  • System voltage

    12/24V (24/48V) automatic identification
  • Input of the photovoltaic module

  • No-load loss

Produt Details

PRODUCT: PWM Controller For Solar Generator.



SELLING POINTS of PWM Controller For Solar Generator:

1.Excellent performance because of an MCU intelligent control technology.
2.Visualization of operation status of the equipment through Chinese and English menus, LEDs and an LCD.
3.Solar array, battery common-anode system input and multiple independent solar array input control.
4.Settable battery protection parameters.
5.Display of the current battery voltage, battery charge current, internal temperature of the case, total photovoltaic power.
generation capacity, total power consumption by the load, photovoltaic current when each solar array is separately charged.
6.Overall protection: protection an alarm for reverse connection of the battery poles, battery overcharge, cooling control for
interior of the cabinet (the fan will be started upon 45°C) and back charge of the battery at night.
7.Function of historical records and password protection.
8.Function of clock display.


Model:SCP- 012(24/48)030LCD 012(24/48)040LCD 012(24/48)050LCD
Rated charge current 30A 40A 50A
Rated load current 20A
System voltage 12V/24V automatic identification;24V/48V automatic identification
Input of the photovoltaic module 360Wp;x2/24V;x4/48V; 480Wp;x2/24V;x4/48V; 600Wp;x2/24V;x4/48V;
No-load loss <30mA
Battery capacity Default:400AH(settable betweem 100AH to 9000AH)
Voltage drop of the charge circuit ≤0.26V
Voltage drop of the discharge circuit ≤0.15V
Overvoltage protection 17V;x2/24V;x4/48;
Charge program 1P 1/2P 2P
Voltage of boosting charge 14.2V;x2/24v;X4/48v; 14.2V/14.7V;x2/24V;x4/48V; 14.7V;x2/24V;x4/48V;
Voltage of direct charge 14V;x2/24V;x4/48; 14V/14.2V;x2/24V;x4/48; 14.2V;x2/24V;x4/48;
Voltage of floating charge 13.8V;x2/24V;x4/48V;
Overcharge recovery voltage 12.7V;x2/24V;x4/48V;
Overdischarge voltage 1.1V;x2/24V;x4/48V;
Charge mode PWM(pulse width modulation)
Overload protection and short circuit protection Overload protection upon 1.25 times of the rated current for 60s or 1.5 times of the rated 
current for 5s;short circuit protection
upon three or more tiomes of the rated current
Operating temperature Industrial level:-35℃~+55℃
Ambient temperature for operation 0-40℃
Ambient temperature for storage -15-+50℃
Operation/storage conditions 0-90%(no condensation)
External dimensions 166*184*78
Packing dimensions 232*190*127
Net weight(kg) 3.34.0
Gross weight(kg)


Solar Panel PWM Controller

PWM Controller For Solar Generator

PWM Controller For Solar Generator PROJECT SERVICE PROCESS

Product introduction, process explanation, investment budget analysis. Engineers site roof survey, load measurement, shielding analysis, electrical building path planning. According to the survey results, the optimal system design scheme and grid connection scheme are formulated to escort the high-quality power station.
Responsible for preparing the application materials and connecting to the network. According to the design to provide photovoltaic panel, inverter, bracket and other complete set of material equipment. Professional construction, grid acceptance, operation and maintenance, intimate after-sales service.


Namkoo Project Service Process


Namkoo Group is an international high-technology and fast growing group company, we specializing in R&D, manufactures on grid and off grid solar power system, hybrid solar storage system, mono solar panel, poly solar panel, flexible solar panel, Shingled & HJT Solar Panel, solar inverter & battery, and other solar applications. With more than 18 years solar experience, Namkoo is aiming to become “Your Best Collaborate Solar Manufacturer”. 


Apart from the traditional solar panel, battery, solar power system and solar pump system products, we have researched and offered successful advanced solar application including BIPV solar projects, solar carport charger station, IOT + solar products like A.I. solar bus station and A.I. PV waste sorting kiosk, etc.

eight steps to produce solar panel

Namkoo has distributed 97 patents. The distribution of invention patents accounted for 29%, and the issued patents accounted for 65%. 14 software Copyrights have been distributed, of which 100% have been issued.

The patent application covers waterproof, corner, flexible, controllable temperature, fault identification, adjustable, intelligent, high power, high density and other functional and technical highlights, covering the core photovoltaic power station, photovoltaic vehicle, photovoltaic bracket, photovoltaic tile, photovoltaic building, sun room, cloud broadcasting, charging pile, storage device, photovoltaic street lamps and other products.  Involving multiple grid, PERC, buckle, mechanical plug type and other key technology, process.  

The 14 software Copyrights form the intellectual property protection of core system technologies such as photovoltaic power station monitoring system, cloud broadcasting system, atmospheric environment monitoring system, motor operation monitoring system, water quality monitoring system, intelligent water system, intelligent fire protection system, intelligent bus station air monitoring system.  

Namkoo Team

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