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Namkoo 20kW On Grid Solar System In Mexico

namkoo solar

Namkoo 20kW On Grid Solar System In Mexico

In the heart of Mexico, where the sun shines bright and abundant, Namkoo team proudly installed a 20 kW on grid solar system for a valued customer.

Mexico's natural conditions make it a prime location for solar energy generation, particularly in the northeast and central regions, where the average daily solar radiation reaches an impressive 5 kWh/㎡.
Leveraging this abundant solar resource, Namkoo provides solar solution featuring 17.5 kWp solar panels and a 20 kW on grid inverter. In just 11 days of operation, the system generated an impressive 1.3 MWh of power.

20 kW on grid solar system

Moreover, to maximize the benefits of solar energy, our customer has also entered into a PPA with the local grid company. This initiative allows for a quick payback on the cost of investing in a solar system.

Beyond the installation of the solar system, Namkoo believes in providing comprehensive support and services to ensure our customers' long-term success.That's why we've established a dedicated after-sales service team to address any inquiries, maintenance needs, or technical issues that may arise.