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Namkoo Project 378kw grid connected system Georgia Factory

namkoo solar

Namkoo Project Georgia Factory: 378kw grid connected system

We Namkoo are proud to announce the successful completion of NAMKOO On Grid Solar system project in Georgia for a local factory, with a total capacity of 378kWp. Georgia, with its abundant sunlight, is an ideal location for harnessing solar energy. This project utilized 600Wp bifacial double-glass solar panels, installed on a metal roof to maximize the use of renewable energy.

  1. Location: Georgia
  2. Total capacity: 378kWp
  3. Solar Panel modules: Namkoo 600Wp bifacial double-glass solar panels
  4. Inverter: Growatt On Grid Inverter 110kw*3
  5. Namkoo Mounting structures, cables, electrical boxes + Lightning protection

The On Grid Solar system not only provides a stable power supply for the factory, reducing reliance on traditional energy sources, but also allows the sale of excess electricity to the grid, generating additional revenue. This dual benefit of self-sufficiency in energy and financial gain makes the system highly advantageous. The factory owner successfully applied for grid connection and has started benefiting from the system.

We provided a complete solution, including solar panels, mounting brackets, inverters, cables, and safety electrical boxes. Additionally, our technical team offered detailed preliminary design and roof layout plans. The client highly praised our professional services, acknowledging the expertise of our electrical and structural drawings. With their installation team, the project was successfully completed and is running smoothly.

Leveraging Georgia's favorable sunlight conditions and supportive grid connection policies, we aim to provide high-quality solar system solutions to more customers, helping them achieve sustainable energy use and economic benefits. If you are interested in our solar systems, please feel free to contact us for more information.