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Namkoo 100kw+215kwh Solar Energy Storage System In South Africa

namkoo solar

Namkoo 100kW/215kWh All-in-one energy storage system in South Africa.

The carton factory located in South Africa was looking for implementable energy solutions to solve a huge electricity consumption problem. Power outages of 2-3 hours per day, with each outage lasting up to 2 hours, were severely impacting the normal operations of the factory.

Suffering from the unstable power supply, this factory finally turned to Namkoo solar energy storage system after researching alternative power generation methods.


The energy storage system utilizes a hybrid mode of operation. In the event of a utility power outage, the system will automatically switch to the battery mode and use the battery for power supply without affecting the normal operation.

Namkoo's all-in-one energy storage cabinet not only saves floor space but also makes it easy to spot any machine faults and monitor usage right from the panel.

The PV energy storage system generates 37,344kWh per year, provides enough power for the whole factory while minimizing environmental impact, freeing the factory from load shedding in South Africa.